Facial Massage Benefits for Face-Lifting, Anti-Aging & Lymphatic Drainage

Facial Massage Benefits

Moving around through the day and getting a lot of tasks done on a daily basis can sure take a toll on your body, particularly the muscles. And just imagine the good feeling that you get when buildup circulation, aching, and strained muscle ease away with a simple facial massage. That sheer bliss is what we crave after a good massage and definitely have plenty of benefits that you can tap into (it’s a secret for anti-aging as well!). read on to find out more. 

How Facial Massage Is Defined

To put it simply, facial massage is the kind of treatment that uses pressure in various directions using one’s hands, fingers, or suitable tools to assist and boost your body’s natural healing mechanisms. Topical applications such as balms, oils, and creams are often used for added benefits in adding skincare benefits during the treatment (as the skin is more receptive to absorb ingredients that you put on the skin’s surface) as well as it makes the massage routine easier.

By massaging the muscles and stimulating pressure points in the right way, you’ll boost detoxification to release buildup from the blocked circulation to ensure nutrients and blood flow goes through nicely and effectively, assisting the said mechanism along with other health benefits (more on that below).

The routine has existed for hundreds of years in each continent, creating variations of facial massages treatment that we see today, to cater to various needs as different issues may need different types of facial massages. Some of the well-known facial massages include Swedish massage, sinus massage, Gua Sha, acupressure (similar to acupuncture), lymphatic drainage massage, reflexology, and shiatsu. And different facial massage treatment uses a combination of techniques and motions such as folding, tapping, kneading, effleurage, cupping, or even vibrations. 

And the good thing about facial massage is you can do it by yourself as part of your self-care routine, or perhaps you can book a session with a trained practitioner to reap the full benefits of the massage, and emerge with a rejuvenated, refreshed visage. 

So, what are the health benefits of getting a facial massage for your skin?

Facial Massage Benefits

For Face-Lifting, Anti-Aging And Lymphatic Drainage For Your Skin

For a start, it’s a well-known fact that facial massage has tremendous benefits for skin healing, as it unblocks any stagnant circulation (due to stress, lack of sleep, and poor diet) as well as speeds up circulation and blood flow so more nutrients and oxygen can be delivered to the skin. And such effects can be seen in several aspects, with one of them is anti-aging.

A study conducted in 2017 demonstrates the effectiveness of facial massage sessions with subjects that are compared between using facial massage (with a device) and anti-aging creams. 

From the results, significant improvements can be seen in the group notably in smoother skin texture, reduced appearance of wrinkles, and firmer-looking skin. It is noted by the researches that the massage stimulates the skin to produce elements necessary in skin healing and repair such as white blood cells (to assist for lymphatic drainage; read below), collagen and elastin fibers, growth factors, and dermal proteins for the results to be achieved while purging out toxins and waste materials at the same time. 

What is Lymphatic Drainage?

Lymphatic drainage is closely associated with facial massages and as the name suggests it’s a process of purging (or draining) fluid away using massage techniques for the skin. As mentioned previously on healing mechanisms, lymphatic drainage is the starting point for the skin to repair as it triggers the white blood cells responsible for healing. And the good thing about the system is that even if you only get a facial massage, the benefits extend to the rest of your body. 

And get this, lymphatic drainage relies on our body movements and motions to kick start the detoxification, and the better way to make it happen is through a good session of facial massage. 

Hence, the benefits of a facial massage are proven that it’s one of the reasons why facial massage sessions are one of the popular treatments in an anti-aging skincare routine and it’s common to combine them during intensive treatments such as laser resurfacing to speed up the results, especially when the concern is wrinkle and sagging skin. 

Of course, from anti-aging benefits, improved blood flow, and skin healing you can expect other benefits such as brighter-looking skin (from higher amounts of oxygen flowing through the blood vessels), lifted, supple and soft skin from proper distribution of water and fat content at the epidermal level, as well as a relaxed appearance from reliving knotted muscles within the face. 

If you have skin issues such as acne breakouts than a good facial massage is your answer. Due to the skin healing mechanisms and increased production of elements for the necessary repair you can ease out acne appearance and eventually eliminating acne breakouts altogether, as well as preventing from future ones from happening. 

Should I Do The Facial Massage Myself Or Use An Expert?

Getting the much-needed facial massage is easy than you might think and you can choose either going through the DIY route or you can simply book a session to get your face fully pampered by the experts. The routine can be done pretty much any time of the day but as a tip, it’s highly recommended to get one during night to boost the healing benefits as your body goes through an all-out repair while you sleep – you’ll definitely wake up with brighter and youthful-looking skin the next day!

If you’re doing it by yourself, consider a few precautions to avoid your face injured during a massage. For a start, be gentle with your skin (especially the routine is done at the face) and avoid harsh movements to avoid tugging and pulling of the skin, especially at sensitive areas. Be extra mindful if you have serious skin concerns such as acne breakouts, scars, or certain skin issues such as eczema to avoid aggravating the condition. Ensure the motion and movement flow is smooth and controlled. If it feels bumpy, add more topical products to smooth out the massage but not too much as you’ll slip and lose the needed friction to massage. 

Of course, whenever possible, it’s highly recommended that you get a facial massage session with a massage therapist as they can tailor the session specific to your concern for effective results. 


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