Japanese Kobido Facial Massage Benefits & How It Works

Kobido Japanese Facial Massage Benefits and How It Works

After Gua Sha Massage Therapy, comes another secret from the East that deserves a mention, or perhaps trying out and seeing the benefits yourself. The secret we are talking about is Kobido Japanese Massage, a worthy treatment to add to your self-care routine, to ensure not only mental relaxation but also to maintain the beauty of your skin. How does Kobido work and the benefits that your skin will get? Read on to find out more.

What Is a Kobido Japanese Facial Massage?

In the Japanese language, the word “kobido” means “an old way for beauty”. 

Massage therapy is a modification of a certain shiatsu massage therapy (known as Anma, dated as far as the fifteenth century and originated from mountainous Tibet; literally translates as ‘press-rub”), coming from two expert practitioners looking for effective, new ways to rejuvenate and stimulate facial muscles, for a healthier and youthful appearance, while restoring the energy state of the body – known as “chi” back to its original alignment. 

Indeed, just like Eastern massage practices, the technique involves not only physical aspects of the body but also deep psychological aspects to ensure the results are effective and long-lasting.

As the story goes, the two masters combined their knowledge and experience and found Kobido House, which utilizes multitudes of movements and motions to stimulate the nature of our body, so effective that it’s touted as the “natural facelift”. Kobido massage technique established 48 variations of massage, with each technique aiming for specific goals in providing therapy for the muscles.

How does Kobido Facial Massage Therapy Work?

Kobido massage therapy utilizes pressure, movement, vibration, tapping, and percussion to deeply stimulate muscles within the entire face, toning and rejuvenating them to promote circulation (and unblocks and blocked blood vessels, if any) and aids in skin’s natural repair processes. 

The trained practitioner will stimulate the muscles, easing out the tissue and breaking down any minor injuries/inflammation within, and this covers both of face and body. This will aid in the detoxification process and kick-start the body’s natural healing response to restore and repair damaged tissues effectively. By doing so, the technique also aids in restoring and rejuvenating the “chi” of the body, making it beneficial not just to provide relief from, stressed-out visage, but also a more serious issues such as psychological burden, prolonged fatigue, or even fibromyalgia. 

To note: Kobido massage therapy covers all aspects both face and body. As the article focuses on facial massage benefits from Kobido therapy, we put more emphasis on facial therapy, although the idea is certainly applicable to the body as well (in fact, Kobido benefits extend to the rest of our body). 

The session starts off with a period of the energizing session, with the practitioner stimulating energy points on the face (also known as sensorineural points), so the body can start signaling for healing. A certain amount of time is then committed to sliding movements and motion to assist in effective lymphatic drainage to purge out excess fluids, toxins, pollutants, and waste away from the muscles at the same time. 

The practitioner uses a combination of fast and slow movements with subtle strokes to target deep muscle tissue for effective detoxification and healing process, as this will create plenty of collagen, growth factors, and bring in oxygen, hydration, and nutrient into the muscles for real rejuvenation effect – so effective that you can see notable difference such as slimmer face shape, radiant skin, as well as smooth and supple texture in just one session. 

What makes Kobido unique compared to other Japanese facial massages is the technique involves a specialized percussion-based treatment, using bending and subtle strokes to deeply rejuvenate and detoxify the muscles. Indeed, the percussion technique is difficult to master and you need to train for years and win their competition to become an expert in Kobido massage therapy. 

Sounds tempting? Indeed Kobido facial Massage Therapy is something desired by many, as a lot of us are in favor of natural methods to restore the youthfulness of our skin, without the need for injections and invasive surgery that can potentially pose harm in the long run. And get this, there are plenty of benefits coming from Kobido therapy, and they’re more than just youthful-looking skin. 

Kobido Japanese Facial Massage Benefits For Your Skin

Apart from overall, natural-looking facelift, Kobido facial Massage Therapy gradually reduces the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin, as well as skin blemishes, and prevents such issues from happening in the future. 

The massage technique also benefits facial tissues and as the massage technique goes beyond the skin, it can even gradually reduces the appearance of scars as the muscles underneath is rejuvenated and restored for a more effective skin healing (the effects are apparent from mild-to-moderate scars). of course, full benefits can be seen if you routinely have Kobido as part of your skincare routine. 

As the muscles are thoroughly stimulated and energized, it supports the skin’s metabolism and cell renewal at a higher rate for healthier and brighter-looking skin, with a more energized “chi”. 

Are there any precautions with Kobido facial Massage Therapy?

As the technique used for the treatment is extensive and requires years to master, it’s important that you look for reputable Kobido trained centers or services to ensure that you get the benefits expected from the massage therapy. This is especially important if you have certain health issues that might not make you a suitable candidate, although Kobido Massage Therapy is generally safe with proven results for almost all ages and health issues. 


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