Sculptural Face-Lifting Massage Benefits & How It Works

Sculptural Face-Lifting Massage Benefits and How It Works

What is a Sculptural Face-Lifting Massage?

It’s a facial massage technique that uses a revolutionary approach in assisting natural rejuvenation from within for effective results. The technique works so much that train centers are established all around the world, and we have to thank Yakov Gershkovich for that. So how does this massage technique works and how does it benefit your well-being?

For an introduction, Yakov Gershkovich is the master and creator of the Sculptural Face Lifting Massage technique and he is the leading specialist and world-renowned teacher of facial aesthetics for nearly ten years. Yakov has been studying extensively in the field of massage methods for nearly two decades beforehand, and from in-depth knowledge, he created the breakthrough Sculptural Face Lifting Massage, behind a principle of fast and effective ways to create a natural rejuvenation through massage. And it turns out, it did.

Through the in-depth study of facial muscle and bones as a whole and correct the muscles through specialized techniques, the idea behind Sculptural Face Lifting Massage is easy to understand and I suppose it’s one of the reasons why more and more people are interested to learn and use the technique as part of their self-care routine. Not to mention that visible results can be seen even in just one treatment, with continuous practice you can ensure your well-being stays in top shape, youthful, and energized for years to come. 

Want more reasons to get into this massage technique? Sculptural Face Lifting Massage is even a beauty secret to a lot of beauty bloggers, internet personalities, and celebrities (many of them opt for an organic, green-friendly approach, as it turns out) such as Jennifer Lopez, Kate Moss, as well as Meghan Markle. Just take a look at their skin and it tells you that Sculptural Face Lifting Massage does benefit one’s health.

And while Sculptural Face Lifting Massage works for both face and body, in this article we will be focusing more on the facial muscle, and how it can rejuvenate the tissue to create a more youthful, healthier appearance.

How does a Sculptural Face Lifting Massage Facial Massage Work?

For a start, we know how extensive factors that cause the skin shows aging signs. Stress, lack of nutrition, stress, the natural course of aging, or even facial emotions can put a toll on the muscle that it shows outwards on the skin in the long run. And it’s notable the face as the skin in the area is thinner compared to the rest of the body – the same reason why the skin around the eye area shows aging and/or stress effects sooner than the rest of the face, as it’s thinner and more fragile. 

Hence, this massage technique works by using motions and movements to stimulate the body’s own healing processes to counter the said aging and stress effects by creating lymphatic drainage, unblocking stagnant circulation, and increasing the blood flow to all areas within the tissue, as well as supporting healing elements necessary for rejuvenation such as growth factors, proteins, and collagen fibers for the skin. 

From there (in fact, in just one session) you can see noticeable benefits such as muscle tone and form returning to normal shape, restoring the natural posture of the visage, as well as overall elasticity and suppleness of the skin. 

Benefits Of Sculptural Face Lifting Massage For My Skin

Other benefits of Sculptural Face Lifting Massage include restoring the position and elasticity of the muscles to reduce unnecessary sagging effects while tightening and smoothing out the skin from the outside. This in turn slims and sculpts the overall contour of the face, giving the visage a more ‘oval-like’ appearance. The benefits are not only for the ones that already have aging signs, but also suitable as means to prevent the aging effects from happening in the first place. 

not only for beauty esthetics, but Sculptural Face Lifting Massage is also wonderful if you’re looking for intensive recovery of your facial features such as issues with blockages, knotted muscles, and spams, as well as improving metabolism level, and blood and muscle tissue nourishment that commonly happens to stressed-out skin. 

The benefits apply not just from the face but also extend to the rest of the body as well. As this facial massage technique works extensively deep into the muscles that go as far as stimulating nearby facial bones. This in turn triggers the body to start the healing process and lymphatic drainage that works from the face to the rest of the body. Hence, it’s not surprising you can see the effects such as the reduced appearance of a double chin, straightening of the neck, and overall detoxification. 

As a result, a more relaxed, sculpted, and younger-looking face is possible with the Sculptural Face Lifting Massage facial technique. 

Indeed, the approach is so simple and yet yields significant results that Sculptural Face Lifting Massage is also known as the the “nature’s answer to Botox”, apart from the fact that the public is looking for ways to restore and retain their youthful appearance through natural methods instead of relying on superficial, invasive treatments that in some cases can be painful to the skin. 

The technique behind Sculptural Face Lifting Massage is all about muscle manipulation (known as sculptural technique) – done manually through trained fingers to tone, strengthen, relax, and detox the facial muscles. The massage technique is done not just on the face but also involves the oral cavity (known as the intraoral technique) from the inside, where fingers are inserted (with gloves, of course!) and massage the inner cheeks to stimulate the muscles, giving the benefits mentioned earlier. 

As the Sculptural Face-Lifting Massage technique requires a licensed practitioner, it’s important for you to get a session of it from reputable centers to ensure you enjoy the benefits of the technique and look younger and slimmer as well.


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